Innovation Labs… What we do, how we do it

Welcome to Innovation Labs. We innovate future learning with technology. We are the software solutions team of Headstart family. Here we are a group of minds that sets a goal to innovate IT solutions for the e-learning requirements of our clients with global standards.

Innovations and products

We analyse, design and develop software solution to provide an effective learning platform to all our clients. We have developed a range of products in related to the e-Learning industry. One of the ground breaking product out of all is the Headstart Learning Management System, designed and developed form the scratch at the Innovation Labs. Apart from that we have a range of products developed including mobile apps and VR apps that sets up e-learning to a novel level.

Headstart Learning Management System

Headstart Learning management system (LMS) is the most innovative product we have come up in our journey. It has been able to grab awards and nominations for award from the beginning of time, and now it is one of the most sophisticated learning management platforms in Sri Lanka.

Headstart LMS is not just advance in functionality and features. It also has been developed with lot of experience and analysis over the user experience and learning enhancement requirements. This software platform is now shaped up to global standards with introduction of features such as gamification, corporate communication, progress tracking, electronic certifications, online submissions, analytical reports and many more.

It is carefully designed with feature standards and user, learner friendly elements throughout the LMS. It is developed with optimized technology to gain performance and accuracy of the system. Most importantly, its very well tested to make sure the system runs smoothly as per the clients’ requirements.

Team and work

With the humble beginning of Innovation labs team with the most famous two characters in the Headstart family, now we are led and managed smoothly at all such advanced products and projects in daily basis. Our team is now well established with designated position as Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineers, a pool of well-trained Software engineers expertise in different modules in related to system developments and technologies. It is also now teamed up experienced UI designers, Quality Assurance engineers and Technical business analysts to win over many hurdles on our way.



Our team goes through a methodical software development life cycle, from the requirement analysis to final system deployment. Each of our project cycle includes with requirement analysis, UI graphics design, solution design, development, testing and deployment. Currently with the background layout, we make sure to maintain and record our efforts in standard document processes as well. Within a short time, as a team, we have acquired the practice of issue tracking, version controlling and documentation practices to get the industrial standards and now we believe we are a fully functioning business unit with in the Headstart Pvt Ltd.


Innovation Labs is growing with potential and technology day by day, but our success was not a result of just a work of us as a team. Headstart family has been growing together and will sustain as we are well managed and practiced to work as one family.


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